Rock Star

The programme for this year’s Otley Science Festival is beginning to shape up. I previously announced a couple of our main speakers and now I can tell you who will be filling the big Saturday evening slot – Iain Stewart the geology bloke from the BBC.

Iain has been all over the place on the telly of late and produced some cracking shows. He started with a few series on how the geology of the world has shaped civilisations. These shows took him all over the world to some incredible places, like Erta Ale and the Mexican Naica Cave that is full of gigantic gypsum crystals the size of buildings.

Just recently he wrote and presented Men of Rock, a gorgeous series about the abiding legacy of the the Scottish geologists. Iain, as a soft spoken Scot has a particular passion for the geology of his home-land and BBC Glasgow spared no expense getting some simple stunning shots of the landscape of Scottish landscape.

To bring you up to date, my own, in house BBC Glasgow gossip mining has revealed that he is currently working on a big new series about plant science, which seems like a bit of a diversion, until you realise the large overlap between botany and geology. It will probably be out around the time of the Otley Science Festival.

As always, I have not nailed him down to a particular topic yet, but I’ve seen him talk before and he is a great story teller. So, whatever he talks about you can be guaranteed it will be good.

Other Science Festival news includes work on a programmable robotics idea, animal adaption for the school shows and more structural goodness from the Institute of Civil Engineers. As always, more news as I become aware of it…

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