Otley Science Festival 2022 is on its way!

We’ve been working on this year’s Science Festival for quite a while and can now share the shape of the week, beginning Monday 14th November.

This is how it looks:

  • Monday 14th, 7.30pm – The return of our Science Quiz, this time in person at Otley Courthouse, including the option of a fish and chip / vegetarian supper
  • Tuesday 15th, 7.30pm – Professor Chris Jackson on ‘The Geological Record of Climate Change’
  • Wednesday 16th, 7.30pm – Science Café
  • Thursday 17th, 7.30pm – Family friendly “Stunt Science” with Marty Jopson
  • Friday 18th 2pm matinee with Kersten Hall on ‘Insulin’
  • Friday 18th, 7.30pm – Matthew Cobb: ‘The Genetic Age – Our Perilous Quest To Edit Life’
  • Saturday 19th 10am – 4pm the ever popular Science Fair
  • Saturday 19th, 7.30pm – Yorkshire’s own Paul Hudson talking about Yorkshire’s weather, climate change and his life on TV.

In addition, running over Tuesday to Thursday evening between 6pm and 7pm we will have a guided book reading by Greg Radick. The book is Charles Darwin’s ‘The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals’.

As well as these public events there will be events for schools (KS1 and KS2) running Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday daytimes. Home schoolers are welcome to join these.

Full details of the shows, prices and booking information will be added to the web site shortly.

2 thoughts on “Otley Science Festival 2022 is on its way!

    • yorxbrox July 20, 2022 / 8:32 pm

      Apologies for the typo in our speaker’s name. You are correct, it is Kersten Hall, the person that you identified. I have corrected the mistake in the post.

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