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Science Café, 22nd June

15 May

2017 June-cafe-poster2 smThere’s more information on the Science Café page


The next Science Café will be Thursday 22nd June

6 Apr

The line up for this Science Café now in place. On the evening we will be covering:

  • Immunity in a test tube; engineering Biology for better health
  • Why Schrödinger’s Cat Is Hard to Understand: The Physics of Quantum Information
  • Exercise and arthritis: a painful story or healthy relationship?

There is more information on our Science Cafés page

In the meantime, here’s a quick look back at the last one:

OSF Science Cafe 2Mar17 - Science-fair-group

Otley Science Festival Needs You! (and your green tokens)

2 Feb


Otley Science Festival is lucky enough to be one of the featured “Community Matters” organisations at Waitrose in Otley this month…

We hope to use the money to support the Science Fair, to be held this year on the 17th November. The fair is FREE to attend and includes stalls, demonstrations and great experiments to try out. It’s a fun day out, making science accessible for all ages.

What is Waitrose Community Matters? Information from Waitrose’s website:

Waitrose Community Matters

Every month this branch will donate £1000 between three local good causes that you choose.

How does it work?
At the checkout you’ll receive a token, which you then place in the box of the good cause you’d most like to support. The more tokens a cause gets, the bigger the donation they receive. You can also nominate good causes to be considered for the scheme in the future. Just pick up a leaflet in store for more information.

Drama + Science Anyone?

16 Nov

…then check out “Everything and Nothing”, part of the Otley Science Festival, tomorrow evening at the Courthouse in Otley.

Thu 17 Nov, 7.30pm

What shapes could the universe be? Does it have an edge? Is it infinite? Intent on creating a map of the universe using complex mathematics, the Everyman Explorer encounters aviator Amelia Earhart who was lost in her 1937 attempt to circumnavigate the globe. The pair find themselves in the company of an order-obsessed librarian who isn’t quite what he seems, in a time-warped universe controlled by an old radio.

A playful encounter between sound, image, text and mathematics, presented by multi-disciplinary company the19thstep, devised by composer Dorothy Ker and sculptor Kate Allen with performers Lucy Stevens, Chris Brannick and sound artist Kelcey Swain.

“Pretty fabulous … a fantastic way of linking ideas about maths and drama …  really captured the imagination”

“It was really rather excellent … a really good story and thought provoking … atmospheric … evocative”

“At most events [at the science festival] I didn’t learn much new … but at this I did. ” (Comment from a Physicist with PhD)

The Everything and Nothing Workshop 

…with topologist Dr Katie Steckles will follow on immediately after the performance. It is suitable for all ages and will unravel the mathematics of the Poincaré conjecture. The workshop will last approximately 45 minutes.

Free entry with performance ticket.

For further information visit:

£9/£7 Adults and young people. Bar.

Tickets available from the Courthouse

Follow us on Twitter!

15 Sep

Us Otley Science folk can now be found tweeting at: Follow us to keep up to date with news about the Otley Science Festival, Science Cafes, Science Book Groups and general science happenings…

Follow otleyscience on Twitter

Will you be going to the British Science Festival?

8 Sep

We are lucky enough to have the British Science Festival hosted in Bradford this year, will you be going? It runs from Saturday 10th – Thursday 15th September with events including:

  • Experiment with the kids– Family fun
  • DIY Science– Workshops for all
  • Food for thought– Lunchtime talks
  • Discover and discuss– Talks & debates
  • Sundown science– Evening events for adults
  • Trip out!- Trips and tours
  • No inhibitions…just Exhibitions- Exhibitions throughout the week.

Don’t forget we will be having our own Science Festival in Otley running from Monday 14th November 2001 to Saturday 19th November. See our what’s on page for details.

Science in fiction tomorrow

25 Jul

The Science Book Group is meeting again tomorrow Tuesday 26 July, at the Fleece on Westgate in Otley at 8pm. Our theme this time is ‘science in fiction’, so sort-of science fiction, but not necessarily just science fiction (and not really the sort of science fiction where the science is, in effect, magic). I’m not entirely clear what to expect, but I’m hoping for some surprises. Do come along and join us, for some scientific conversation over a pint.