That was 2020, now on to ’21

Like so much this year the 2020 Science Festival was different, but we were pleased that we were able to go ahead with a full schedule of on-line events. We really appreciate the support of all our presenters who worked with us to enable this to happen. Some were well practiced in on line presenting and for others it was a first, but every session went out as planned and the power of the internet meant that we reached much further afield than ever before.

Thanks also to our audience, wherever you were, for joining us and making the event a success and extra thanks to those who were able to add a donation to Otley Courthouse, without which none of this would happen. This has been a massively challenging time for all live performance locations and every donation has helped us towards still being here next year.

Otley Science Festival 2020 on-line: Marty Jopson performing our opening show “Zap” from his own home.

Thanks also to the Wharfedale Observer for their coverage, including this great article about Marty’s schools show.

Writing this post on 27th December, the new year is just around the corner and we have already begun planning. The dates for Otley Science Festival 2021 have been selected as 15th – 20th November and additionally we are planning to hold Science Cafés on March 18th, June 17th and 16th September. We have already made the decision that the March Science Café will once again be on-line only but we are, of course, hoping that by June we will be able to be back to tables in the Courthouse for that Café.

We look forward to you joining us at as many of our events as possible!

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