That was the September Science Café: next stop Festival 2019

Everything is in place and tickets are selling well for the 2019 Science Festival: indeed some events are already sold out.

Our week of events cover from deep ocean to deep space, physics to food and include a café, a lunch and Saturday’s all day free fair, this year with added “fringe” events. Check out the details on the Festival 2019 page.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick look back at the September Science Café.


Clockwise from top left:

  • Getting down to questions
  • Dr Nicolas Barry & Dr William Martin, School of Chemistry & Biosciences, University of Bradford on Molecular music: the sound of chemistry
  • Dr Kevin Houston, School of Mathematics, University of Leeds presenting Caricatures and Dancing Homers: The maths of shape
  • Dr J. Bernadette Moore, School of Food Science & Nutrition, University of Leeds addressing Sugar, fat, alcohol… what’s worse for the liver?

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