Past Schools Events

Here is a look back to some of the schools events we have had in earlier years.

2016 Events for Primary Schools

In 2016 Sarah Bearchell of Sarah’s Adventures in Science visited Otley with her Jack and bearchell2webthe Beanstalk Science Show.

You can find Sarah’s instructions for making a Cloud in a Bottle and the fondly remembered Intestines demonstration here


blowfish1The Blowfish brought Heavy Metal Marine Biology to Otley

He is working on a book to be published in November 2017. Meanwhile, why not check out his advice on how to avoid a shark attack ?


We also had the science expert from the BBC1 One Show, Dr Marty Jopson, as he showed  the Bubblology_2peculiar things you didn’t know you could do with your own body. From the physics of breaking wood with your bare hands to illusions that mess with your brain. You may think you know what your eyes can see, and have complete control over your body, but you can be fooled.



The flyer for schools for these shows is available as a pdf file here

2015 Events for Primary Schools

space explorer


In 2015 Jon Chase showed Otley “How to be a Space Explorer”. You can find links to his videos for BBC Bitesize and a STEM rap (Whatcha know about STEM?) on his Rapscience website


Also Ian Dunne brought us his “Science Magic…Magic Science.”