Otley Science Festival Live Fair 2021

Otley Science Festival is an independent, wholly volunteer-led science festival aiming to promote and celebrate how science, technology, engineering and arts projects work together to improve our own little, but unique, part of the world – come and help us share it!

Stalls; Fewer but larger stalls (approximately 10 stalls inside and three in the Courtyard) those with demonstrations, kit/model-making etc are welcomed! Stall holders are also welcomed to provide a short demonstration/s and Q&A for OSF On-line, to last approximately 20mins held in the same building – see below.

Self-Contained Rooms; We have two rooms where Stall Holders can expand activities, demonstrations and hold short workshops.

OSF On-Line (via YouTube); Primarily hosting demonstrations from stall-holders scheduled throughout the day (10-4pm), this format could also include a variety of other ideas, for example Live book readings/presentations (with Q&A) by local affiliated/expert authors…and will be hosted by one/two of the OSF Committee Members.

OSF Satellite Events; Are you a local expert and happy to lead a walk ‘n’ talk or host some workshops about interesting aspects of Otley? From engineering sites to our local nature reserves – we would like to encourage local experts to conduct walks/tours/workshops/demonstrations of sites for all age groups.

Whilst the Fair is strictly on a Saturday, stand-alone workshops/events could be conducted on Sunday where OSF members are not required. We would expect these to be provided for free/cost only and tailored ticketing can be conducted via the Courthouse.

Please complete the Expression of Interest Form and submit before the deadline of noon 6th September 2021.*

We Look Forward to Hearing From You!

*we hope to inform successful Applications by Tuesday 14th September – or as soon as thereafter.