Oooh, shiny!

I have been pondering controversial books, and books about controversy, for the Book group meeting next week (8pm on Tuesday 24 May, at the Fleece on Westgate, where they serve lovely pies) and I keep getting distracted by pictures. I do love a book with spectacular images, especially ones that make me think twice about a subject.

heaven and earth coverHeaven and Earth: Unseen by the Naked Eye by David Malin and Katherine Roucoux is one – a  big fat book of glorious images of the natural world, all taken with scientific instruments of one sort or another. It starts with images of at the atomic scale, and works up to the large scale structure of the universe. And they are all wonderful, awe-inspiring images – many of them beautiful. Great stuff.

Another favorite is Full Moon in which Andrew Chaikin and Michael Light present images taken from the NASA originals from the Apollo missions. You will think you have seen these pictures, but you should think again – here they are breathtakingly clear and sharp and made me aware of the lunar surface as a landscape, with hills and valley and, of course, a few perfectly-preserved footprints.
But they are not really controversial, so I shall continue my search among books of words and look forward to seeing you on tuesday to hear abou some real knock-down, drag-out scientific rows!

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